Types of Exercise Bikes You Should Know!

Nowadays, you will find many an exercise come and go, but exercise bikes have waited a staple of cardiovascular exercise for numerous years. Exercise bikes are accepted because they supply a full-body workout, which can be a significant time-saving feature for a lot of people. As well as the legs, exercise bikes work the buttocks, hips, abdomen, and upper body, and the exertive nature of the work out is also superior for the lungs and heart. A short 20-minute epoch on an exercise bike can supply more fitness benefits than longer exercises that target simply specific parts of the body. However, while you’re out there to find the best exercise bike for home use, you need to be aware of the types as well. And that is why, today we are here with a brief discussion regarding the types of exercise bikes.

Exercise bikes are obtainable in a broad range of prices. A number of models are too expensive or too bulky to be accepted for home utilize, but there are numerous models in price ranges and sizes that are wonderful for utilize as a piece of residence fitness equipment. Aside from the fitness benefits, the capability to multitask by observing television or listening to music while exercising at house is one of the key reasons work out bikes have retained their popularity. Understanding the dissimilarities in the types of exercise bikes is a vital factor in deciding which type of bike to purchase. This guide will outline both the dissimilar types of exercise bikes and the reimbursement of each in order to assist buyers make and knowledgeable purchasing decision.

Let’s Check the Types of Exercise Bikes!

There are 5 basic types of exercise bikes: dual-action stationary bikes, indoor cycles, upright stationary bikes, recumbent stationary bikes, and interactive stationary bikes. If possible, it is a first-class thought to test out the dissimilar types of work out bikes by visiting a gym with a diversity of different types of bikes or by visiting a great sporting goods store with many display models before deciding which kind of bike to purchase. Dissimilar bikes will feel better and be more relaxed to diverse people.


Upright Stationary Exercise Bikes

Upright exercise bikes are the most like typical, customary bicycles. They stand up like standard bikes and have representative bicycle-style seats and pedals. The feel of riding an upright bike will be extremely close to riding a genuine bike, making them a good option for people who previously like outdoor bicycling. Riding an upright bike offers the same type of cardiovascular and lower body exercises that riding a real bicycle offers. The upper body also receives mild exercises if the rider leans forward and holds the handlebars while riding. Upright bikes are not frequently loaded with numerous supplementary features, but they do frequently come with basic amenities like distance tracking and resistance alteration.

Upright Stationary Exercise Bikes

Upper-scale models sometimes have pre-programmed resistance and distance courses for bikers to chase. As an extra perk, they naturally take up less room than recumbent exercise bikes, and in a number of cases, can even be folded and stored in closets. a lot of upright bikes have attractive price points, and they are characteristically the best-selling model each year.

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Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bikes

Those in require of supplementary back support while exercising frequently desire recumbent exercise bikes. Recumbent bikes are additional chair-like with larger seats and backrests, and the place of the rider is incompletely reclined through the bike pedals opposite the seat instead of under the seat. This normally provides additional console, better back support, and more capable blood flow for the rider. Riding a recumbent bike still offers both a cardiovascular and lower body exercises, but the muscles worked on a recumbent bike are faintly dissimilar than those worked on an upright bike.

Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bikes

Recumbent bikes are admired with riders who like to contentedly read a book in the time of exercising, but it should be renowned that not engaging the hands on the handlebars abolishes the upper body portion of the exercises. Additional features on recumbent bikes are frequently plentiful and may embrace LCD units that display heart rate, calories burned, speed, time, and distance readouts. Recumbent bikes with many additional features are naturally supplementary classy than upright bike models.

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Dual-Action Stationary Exercise Bikes

Dual – action exercise bikes are the most excellent choice for those who desire to achieve a better full body exercises that more efficiently incorporates the higher body, while still focusing only as much concentration on the lower body and on cardiovascular health. These bikes are close to elliptical trainers in that they contain handlebars that move back and forth in sync with the pedaling. The constant action of the arms boosts the overall aerobic strength of the exercise, while also offering additional toning for the upper body. A lot of dual-action bikes include built-in fans, partly as a way to assist with cooling the rider, but in addition as a resistance mechanism.

Dual-Action Stationary Exercise Bikes

Additional kinds of dual-action bikes also usually feature modifiable resistance stages for both the handlebars and pedals. Maximum dual-action bikes are upright bikes. Recumbent dual-action models survive, but they are tricky to discover, and they frequently focus more powerfully on the elliptical side of exercising. Actually, they are frequently referred to as recumbent dual-action elliptical or seated elliptical instead of as work out bikes.

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Indoor Cycles

Indoor cycles gained recognition with the opening of spinning classes at fitness clubs and gyms. These bikes are close to upright exercise bikes, but the mechanical modules (including a genuine chain-driven pedaling method) are even closer to those of authentic bicycles. The resistance of the pedals can be adjusted, but riders should usually expect more intense exercises on an indoor cycle.

Indoor Cycles

Though there are exceptions, indoor cycles are usually very basic models without consoles or any extra features. Most are only designed to be about the exercises and not all the additional like calories burned or distance traveled. They also usually have seats that are much closer to authentic bike seats, which mean they might not be as relaxed as wider upright or recumbent models for long periods of riding. in spite of that, they are still a well-accepted choice for grave riders seeking the mainly authentic exercises possible.

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Interactive Exercise Bikes

Interactive exercise bikes permit users to combine the wonders of skill with the health benefits of an exercises. This can be in the form of outright pursuit (for example built-in music players, televisions, and computers) to distract riders while they work out, or it can be throughout interactive fitness programs intended to enhance riders’ workouts. Such as, riders can choose computer-generated programs that constitution their workouts for survival training, weight loss, interval training, or numerous other fitness options.

Interactive Exercise Bikes

Interactive bikes are obtainable in equally upright and recumbent models, and they almost constantly offer the more basic amenities similar to speed and distance tracking as well as the high-tech features. Because of all of the bells and whistles, these bikes be inclined to be the most luxurious to acquire, but they can be a worthwhile outlay for serious riders.

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What Exercise Bike Attributes Matter the Most & Why?


Warranties contains the written guarantees that work out bike manufacturers grant to buyers promising to fix or replace particular components of a work out bike within certain time limits. Classically, promised repairs and replacements are just delivered when faults in material or workmanship turn into apparent under states of standard and acceptable utilize of the equipment. The Warranties group includes guarantees covering each part of the exercise bike, including the structure, mechanical parts, electronic components, and wearable parts containing seats and drive belts. Warranties may also embrace guarantees to supply the labor associated with repairs. The Warranties category is a extremely significant part of choosing an work out bike because exercise bikes represent a considerable monetary speculation that purchasers intend to utilize frequently over the course of a lot of years without undue breakage or failure.

Most vital Warranty Features:

  • Brakes
  • Electronics
  • Frame
  • Labor
  • Parts



Display submits to the workout statistics composed and shown to riders in genuine time on an LCD screen in the console. Display contains workout statistics for example speed, distance, time, and calories burned, as well as the current resistance setting on the braking method. Some stationary bikes embrace a measure of cadence, which is a count of pedal rotations per minute (RPM), a vital statistic for positive types of workouts. If the stationary bike features included heart-rate-monitoring capabilities, the heart rate is frequently shown on the LCD screen as well. Display is an extremely significant feature category for anyone who relies on recital data for motivational purposes or for recital benchmarking to evaluate health gains over time.

Most central Display Features:

  • Calories Burned
  • Distance
  • Heart Rate
  • Resistance Level
  • RPM
  • Speed
  • Workout Time


Frame Design

Frame Design refers to the design mechanism of work out bikes that bring improved usability or comfort to the rider. Modifiable seats and handlebars and expendable pedals offer a unique fit to every individual rider, ensuring proper attitude and a more relaxed workout. A manual resistance knob or lever makes it trouble-free for users to dial in presently the level of workout difficulty they are looking for with the flick of a wrist. Users who plan to shift their exercise bikes between rooms or in and out of a big closet need a bike model prepared with convenient convey wheels. Structure Design rates among the most significant feature categories for practically every possible buyer and shouldn’t be unnoticed when evaluating and comparing disparity exercise bike models.

Most essential Frame Design Features:

  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Adjustable Pedals
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Resistance
  • Step-Thru Frame
  • Transport Wheels



Console submits to numerous features included in the middle panel of the work out bike between or below the handlebars. A media tray for a private music device and a water bottle holder are two general Console items, both of which are suitable features to have. Heart rate monitors are also integrated in the Console class. Numerous exercise bikes have contact sensors built into the handlebars, which the rider holds in order to obtain a continuous heart rate reading. Riders who believe heart-rate monitoring to be a precious exercise tool are sure to think this category as moderately significant.

Most imperative Console Features:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Media Tray
  • Water Bottle Holder


Learning Materials

Learning Materials includes the informational resources that work out bike manufacturers offer their buyers to learn about bike assembly and utilize. Common resources contain online FAQs, user guides, and training manuals. Numerous manufacturers issue online tutorials and informational videos to support in bike assembly and setup and to demonstrate appropriate utilize of the machines. Although a lot of exercise bikes are not terribly tricky to assemble and are pretty straightforward in their operation, a number of purchasers may consider this class to be of some significance in their overall assessment of a bike.

Most significant Learning Material Features:

  • FAQs
  • User Guide
  • Video Tutorials


Workout Programs

Workout Programs covers any preprogrammed, automated exercises routines a rider is talented to access with the push of a button. These exercises routines naturally utilize automated resistance alters to mimic dissimilar types of real-world biking courses, for example hilly courses or mountain-climb courses, or to produce specialized training routines for example sprints or intervals. Additional routines embrace high-power fat-burn exercises and high-resistance strength routines. Riders looking for methods to maintain their workouts varied and exciting from day to day classically place a lot of significance on the Workout Programs type.

Most central exercises Program Features:

  • Fat Burn
  • Hills
  • Interval
  • Manual
  • Other
  • Strength


Modem Exercise bikes can be an outstanding piece of cardiovascular health equipment for people who favor to exercise in the console of their own homes. Riders are capable to watch television or listen to music when riding work out bikes at home, and this can be an influential incentive to keep them engaging in strong exercise. Buyers can prefer from 5 different types of exercise bikes: dual-action stationary bikes, indoor cycles, upright stationary bikes, recumbent stationary bikes, and interactive stationary bikes. Every type offers something a little dissimilar to riders, and choosing the ideal model is largely a matter of private preference and cost. Most outstandingly, purchasers should be watchful to invest in the type of bike they will truly enjoy riding for an extended period of time. Prices can differ dramatically for dissimilar exercise bikes, depending chiefly on bike style and extra features. Quality features like on-board computers and televisions appreciably increase the charge of exercise bikes, but the speculation could be worth it for the wonderful bike that inspires a rider to carry on exercising fine into the future.

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