Exercise Bike Under $600

Best Exercise Bike Reviews Under $600

Exercise bike or recumbent fitness bike, whatever the term you prefer to call, is an amazing option to stay fit and healthy all the way. If you’ve recently gained a few pounds of weight, or want to improve your cardiovascular system, there nothing can come so efficient like the recumbent exercise bike. Apparently, they come with plenty of useful features and their prices vary according to those features. If you’re a beginner in using pro fitness bike, cheap exercise bicycle is for you. Whereas, if you are a pro and want to perform workout all by yourself by staying at home, a higher mid-range recumbent bicycle under $600 price tag is simply the best choice at this situation for you. And today, we’re about to present the best upright stationary bike you can ever get your hand at this cost presently.

Sure you can be an expert in this field and you know how to choose the best fitness bike. But if you don’t, you can check out our buying guide page, from where you will be able to crack the points to consider while finding the perfect exercise bike, and a few tips to buy used exercise bike or cheap exercise bicycle. However, let’s not go through the buying tips now. Let’s check out the reviews of most amazing exercise bikes under $600.

Finest Recumbent Bike Reviews Under $600

When you’re considering your health at the first priority and ready to invest more than $500 in an upright stationary bike, you need to be more watchful and vigilant while making your mind. So, it will need a humungous amount of research. But, we’re here to make that task a lot easier for you. Today, we have come up with a list of the most extraordinary recumbent exercise bicycle, heedfully prepare by our group of expert professionals after in depth research, consideration, price, quality, and most importantly, the customer review. So that, you can get the best output from here. So, let’s get started and check out the luxurious stationary bike reviews below.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike Price: $$$
Rating: 4.0
Customer Reviews: 406+

This Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike offers superior performance, console, and durability for your house gym. The quiet, frictionless fan guarantees a smooth, relaxing exercise. A shrouding over BioSynch linkage system creates for safer exercises, while the LCD display presents optimal performance. Resistance-based braking makes zero friction. Durable metal frame. Smooth, reliable ride used to make them. It is ideal for rehabilitative is. Water bottle holder, self-balancing pedals, and transport wheels are included. The manufacturer supplies 15-years frame, 1-year mechanical parts and 2-years electronic fractions warranty.



  • Dimensions: 49.7L x 25.7W x 50.9H inch
  • Incorporated water bottle holder
  • Infinite wind resistance
  • Four levelers to guarantee stability
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD console

No surprise for higher mid-range recumbent bicycles as well. Here we start again with a Schwinn recumbent bike. Like other Schwinn bikes, this one has is equipped with some pretty extraordinary features as well. Like, first of all, the large and easy-to-read LCD console that will show your overall progress in times. Since it’s a bit expensive fitness bike, the harder you pedal the harder the resistance becomes. You can perform several types of exercises upper and lower body concurrently or independently. By the way, we forgot to mention, the console endlessly shows 6 workout metrics, no more waiting for the readouts and contains RevMeter RPM gauge. Novel RevMeter RPM gauge is a fun visual way to observe your efforts. To facilitate you with utter comfort and soothing ride, that workout machine has large densely padded seat as well. We won’t lie, because some other clients have claimed to click noises and interior parts breaking after just a couple of weeks. So make sure, you get your perfect Schwinn exercise bike from the right vendor.

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ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike

ProForm 440 ES Exercise BikePrice: $$$
Rating: 3.3
Customer Reviews: 16+

ProForm contains a good reputation for delivering extremely professional exercise equipment and this 440 ES Recumbent Bike is no omission. This recumbent exercise bike contains 25 levels of digital resistance that supply a smooth transition between intensities and a fast pedaling experience. Some other top notch components contain a strong 3-piece crank method with a freewheel clutch, additional wide foot pedals, and an oversized, relaxed seat.Like numerous of ProForm’s other work out equipment, one of the 440 ES Exercise Bike’s top features is its computer. The computer has 32 programmed exercises designed by fitness trainers for intense workouts. It is also iFit® well-matched, which really boost your exercise options.


  • Adaptable console angle
  • 18 lbs. Effective inertia improved flywheel
  • Step thru design
  • Oversized lumbar Supported seat
  • 350 lbs. user capability
  • Incorporated tablet holder
  • CoolAireTM workout fan with two-speed settings
  • Adaptable leveling feet
  • Transport wheels to effortlessly move and effortless storage.
  • Attached Water bottle holder

When you’re particularly searching for the best exercise bicycles, surely you’d find plenty of options in both online shops and regional fitness equipment stores. But, nothing can come near to the ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike due to its utter exclusive features. First of all, this exercise machine has an incorporated tablet holder to keep your tablet secure and expediently close so you have admission to all your training tools and entertainment. The CoolAireTM workout fan with two-speed settings remains you cool during your most powerful workouts. And the adaptable leveling feet keeps your bike steady on uneven surfaces. Other features are for instance: oversized lumbar Supported seat, simple glide seat adjust, front mounted Transport wheels, 5 backlit display, 32 preset exercises Apps, digital quick resistance 1 – 25, cool air exercises Fan, EKG grip Pulse, Bluetooth Smart (BLE) receiver. And last of all, it has lifetime frame Warranty, 2-year fractions and 1-year Labor Warranty. You might find the flywheel very light, but that’s not a matter of concern at all.

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 Body Max Power Deluxe Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Body Max Power Deluxe Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.5
Customer Reviews: 06+

Supreme for people of any health level, Body Power BRB6000 Deluxe Magnetic Recumbent Bike will assist boost your cardio health whenever the incentive hits. Its design is sleek and easy, featuring pass-through design for effortlessness of access (versus traditional bike seats) and flat seat adjustment to accommodate dissimilar size users. Its technology presents a magnetic adjustable resistance that is prescribed by merely pressing the touch-buttons on the 3-color LCD display. This workout console features 17+ training programs which contain a manual program, preset exercises programs, heartrate-driven programs, watt manage programs, user customizable programs.



  • Flat, quiet magnetic resistance for quiet operation
  • Dual direction 5 KG flywheel
  • Maximum weight 220 lbs.
  • Features 17+ Training Programs
  • Three-color LCD display
  • Contains Aluminum Water Bottle

Step by step, we are heading through more exclusive recumbent bikes. And the Body Max Power Deluxe Magnetic Recumbent Bike is one of those pro fitness bikes that you won’t like to miss out for a few bucks. This very fitness bicycle has magnetic changeable resistance and the programmable exercise comfort features 17+ Training Programs containing Hand Pulse/Heart Rate Monitor. Besides, you will get three-color LCD display by way of MP3 function, & touch buttons. The seat adjusts horizontally to accommodate dissimilar sizes of users. And most astoundingly, the dual direction flywheel is there to make each riding time soothing and comfy. Unfortunately, there is no available handlebars with this exercise machine. Otherwise, it’s an awesome workout bike to purchase.

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Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle

Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor CyclePrice: $$$
Rating: 4.2
Customer Reviews: 699+

For a realistic and enormous-feeling cycle training experience at the house, ride no further than the Bladez health Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer. This pro cycle has a super-heavy flywheel through top-down friction resistance for a feeling typically reserved for the maximum levels of cycling. The near-silent belt-drive method is supported by a super-stable structure and capped off with an enthusiasm and informational LCD display. The seat and handlebars both regulate infinitely up and down and front and aft so you can develop a totally custom, comfortable cycling session. This bike is companionable through Polar heart rate monitors (sold unconnectedly). Bladez Fitness presents reasonable consumer products that bring exceptional quality and value to house exercisers.


  • Pro cycle trainer with massive 45 lb. flywheel
  • Assembled dimensions: 48 x 46.9 x 19.9 inches
  • Adaptable racing handlebars and seat
  • Top-down resistance method for realistic workout
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Dual pedals contain toe cages

Well, we just want to say one thing first, don’t get carried away by checking the price. That’s an amazing indoor fitness cycle and it can be a nice investment for your new passion of getting fit again. That very recumbent bike is fast and simple to assemble. It is stable and doesn’t go around when being utilized. The dual pedals contain toe cages and fittings for SPD shoes per the supplier’s site. The total assemble operation is very straightforward and you would be able to get it done within 60 minutes. Just a few minor cutbacks, like no water bottle holder and no frills for plugging in MP3 player or placing a book. Otherwise, that is a must have upright stationary bike for all the cardio exerciser.

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Stamina CPS Indoor Cycle

Stamina CPSIndoor Cycle

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.7
Customer Reviews: 22+

This StaminaCPS 9300 Indoor Cycle exercise bike provides you the consistent, cadenced ride of a real road bike. The prejudiced flywheel builds speed like an outside bike to provide you the feel of real cycling. The sturdiest steel frame provides a remarkably solid ride. The seat adjusts up and down in addition to fore and aft to put you in proper riding position. This InTouch Fitness Monitor with its large, simple-to-read LCD display distance, speed, tracks time, and calories burned or set it to scan and follow all readouts. This is the bike for well impartial, low impact cardio exercises, and for bikers who desire to train indoors on bad climate days.


  • Quiet and silky belt drive
  • 40-pound cast flywheel
  • Horizontally and upright modifiable seat
  • Vinyl-dipped handlebars
  • Simple-to-read LCD display
  • InTouch Fitness Monitor

Earlier we said that, under $600 price range, you will find loads of recumbent exercise bike reviews. And each of them are equipped with different yet effective features. Like the following upright stationary bike. This one is specially made for those users who prefer to exercise on a specially built seat that can offer sheer comfort all the way. That’s why this one has horizontally and upright modifiable seat. And the handlebars are black, and vinyl-dipped. Wide range of tension alterations and includes the InTouch Fitness Monitor with large, simple-to-read LCD display that distance, speed, tracks time, and calories burned or set to scan and follow all readouts. But LCD display that is incorporated with this bike is fairly basic and no exercises programs included. So, retain that in your mind.

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L NOW CycleFire LD-582 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike Solid and Fashionable Design

L NOW CycleFire LD-582 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike Solid and Fashionable Design Price: $$$
Rating: 3.7
Customer Reviews: 10+

This L NOW CycleFire LD-582 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike features the double Track multi LCD display console with aim tracking functionality enabling the user to set and track workout goals of distance traveled, exercises time, and calories burned. Unperturbed body positioning and lower-back support permit you to ride in maximum soothe while getting enormous exercises. This L NOW CycleFire LD-582 Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike contains 20 levels of resistance & 22 built in programs. It also contains our double Track display with two high-pledge LCD monitors so you can envelop the major display with your tablet or magazine and still observe your results. And, your data can be uploaded to the L NOW CycleFire Connect portal for objective tracking.


  • Fully adaptable seat and handlebars
  • Automotive-grade and patented belt-drive system
  • Max Weight Supporting capability: 400lbs
  • Simple movement by transportation wheels
  • Heavy-duty steel structure system
  • Bi-directional flywheel


That very spin bike has several exclusive features like, fully adaptable seat and handlebars, automotive-grade and patented belt-drive system instead of a chain supply smooth and quiet workout experience. Never requires to be replaced due to stretch, or oiled like the chain bikes do. The heavy-duty steel structure system with a 40lbs bi-directional flywheel, permits the user to regulate the tension level for an easier or trickier workout. And the LCD monitor displays speed, distance, calories burned, ODO, RPM tracks time, and heart rate by hand pulse. But unfortunately, it does not contain a Fitness App you can utilize to manage and monitor as you utilize the bike

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Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike


Price: $$$
Rating: 4.2
Customer Reviews: 699+

Do not let bad weather spoil your workout routine the Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike gives you with a contented indoor option to biking on the trail. A chain-drive process guarantees a horizontal, quiet session with a 40 lbs. flywheel for resistance. spongy-grip handles and a contoured seat guarantee you soothe during the ride while a water bottle holder permits you to remain hydrated. The pedals are planned with a clip for cycling shoes or a cage proposes for sneakers.



  • Dimensions: 41.3 x 51.2 x 25.5 inch
  • 40 lbs. chrome flywheel
  • Fully changeable seat and handlebar
  • Micro-tension knob system
  • Chain drive mechanism for horizontal and quite exercises
  • Guard over the resistance pad and flywheel
  • Easy and fast to assemble

Well, when you’re going through the best recumbent bike reviews, and hopeful enough to purchase the finest gym bike in the meadow, the Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike can bring good new to you. The chrome flywheel of this fitness machine has brought sheer stability and you will feel utterly comfortable while riding. The micro-tension knob system permits for various resistance levels and the changeable seat and handlebar are there for greatest comfort at the same time. The completely adjustable handlebars and seat make it probable to get the best fit for a range of dissimilar heights and sizes. And don’t forget, it’s very easy and fast to assemble also.  But there is nowhere to rest an MP3 player or book and no console or exercises programs. So, you may find yourself in a bit tough situation, if you’re accustomed to those missing features.

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So, have you checked each of the recumbent bike reviews? Which one did you like most? If you have already made your mind, then don’t be late. Because, it’s your own health and you need to get fit again for your own sake. Let us know in case of any difficulties. And be in touch for more workout bike reviews.

Thank you.

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