Top Rated Treadmill Reviews Under $1500 for 2017

A treadmill is a superior alternative of cardio equipment for individuals who desire to be able to work out despite of the time of day or the state of the weather. Also, utilizing a treadmill is enhanced for one’s joints than pounding the walkway on a pre-dawn jog. The variety of treadmills can range from extremely sophisticated models that monitor all a user’s vitals to slighter models that can be set up in the corner of a bedroom. This purchasing guides covers the dissimilar types of treadmills available on the marketplace, and how to go about acquiring a treadmill for home use on online.

Best Treadmill Reviews Under 1500$ for You!

Purchasing a treadmill can be tricky task, especially if you are purchasing one for the first time. There are hundreds of alternatives and there is No One Size Fits All explanation. If you are facing problem as well (OR – If you are facing this dilemma too), have a rapid look at the top Reviews of the finest treadmills from experts who have 20+ years of skill in the health and health industry. These are some of the finest treadmills from Over 75 Brands in the marketplace today. Go ahead! Find the accurate treadmill for your needs, today!

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill

NordicTrack C 1650 TreadmillPrice: $$$
Rating: 3.7
Customer Reviews: 47+

This treadmill is fine built and loaded with features. Starting with the structure, this home treadmill contains a sturdy footprint weighing over 200 lbs. and is mechanical by a strong 3.5 nonstop horse power motor. This motor permits a maximum running speed of 12 mph and an utmost incline of 12%. The 1.9” rollers for the belt are high superiority with sealed bearings. Though, if you favor running on a tough surface, the FlexSelect system can also supply that. This NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill doesn’t allow you down with the add-ons either. This console on this treadmill is filled with 34 programmed exercises and is iFit compatible.


  • Width: 35.75-inch
  • Length: 78.3-inch
  • Running surface: 20 x 60-inch
  • Height: 56.4-inch
  • Max user weight: 325 lbs.
  • Item weight: 222 lbs.

We actually like the original FlexSelect cushioning method on the NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill. This is something we have not seen on the competition. While maximum treadmills brag about their capability to cushion your knees and ankles as running, NordicTrack does something dissimilar. While it would be hard to pass over the treadmill for the $50 it would cost to purchase a trunk strap, the dot is that there are treadmills out there that do include them. Look into our reviews of these treadmills before you structure your mind.

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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.2
Customer Reviews: 264+

This ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill has been rated a “best purchase” in various treadmill reviews and we would have to agree. This ProForm 2000 is a solid machine in each way.   This ProForm 2000 is a runner’s dream with a huge deck and running surface, 15% incline, speed up to 12 mph, and most impressive and unusual, a 3% decline capability. On top of that, this ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill is loaded with extras like an incorporated Polar heart rate chest strap, 32 programmed workouts, MP3 compatibility, cooling fan, and access to iFit Live. This ProForm Treadmill offers endless options for workouts and is going to stand the experiment of time.


  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Width: 39.5-inch
  • Height: 63-inch
  • Length: 80-inch
  • Running Surface 22 x 60-inch
  • Weight: 230 lbs.

This ProForm home elliptical has some extras you will not discover on any other treadmill at this price variety…guaranteed. First, approximately all treadmills at this price range have incline capacity up to 15%, as does the Pro 2000 Treadmill. Though, this treadmill also has refuse. There are a number of reports online discussing problems with delivery and purchaser service. We would recommend you purchase from a reputable distributor similar to discover a retailer with a history of superior customer service and a superior delivery record.

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LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill DeskPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.4
Customer Reviews: 230+

It’s LifeSpan’s most accepted treadmill desk! This TR1200-DT5 is a 2.0 HP treadmill base combined with a modifiable desk. With manual alteration the desk can fit public from 4’10” to 6’8″ tall. LifeSpan sells a variety of treadmill desks. One main difference among them is running time. This model, this LifeSpan TR1200-DT5, is most accepted because it can run for six successive hours. A cheaper version tops out at 3 hours, and the more luxurious TR5000 can operate for ten. It also demonstrates the number of steps you have taken – a data point that can become addictive! That’s similar to belts on typical treadmills sold for residential and commercial utilize. With a cheaper LifeSpan treadmill desk, you’ll obtain a noticeably smaller exercises belt.



  • Step-Up Height 6-inch
  • Workout area :56 x 20-inch
  • Belt Type: 2-Ply
  • Belt Size: 20″ W x 50″ L

Start working out within 30 minutes of escape!  Foam-injected armrests assist you evade carpal tunnel while typing at the treadmill desk. This treadmill desk is attractive durable, but the protector rails are plastic. For a more imposing look you could choose this TR5000-DT5 with metal rails. We don’t mind fiddling with engines now and then, but a number of customers prefer treadmills that are pre-oiled. With the TR1200 (but not the TR5000), you require to wax the track.

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Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid

Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body SolidPrice: $$$
Rating: 3.6
Customer Reviews: 78+

Body Solid presents the consumer a quality, well-built and strong elliptical machine in the Best Fitness E1 Elliptical. This machine gives a quiet, smooth and extremely stable elliptical action during even the most intense workouts. The compact plan of this elliptical machine permits the user to exercise and store the gear in almost any room of their house. Study our full elliptical review of the Best Fitness E1. This E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer by Life Fitness is the entry-level replica in the E Series of elliptical cross-trainers intended to be efficient, easy to use models that you can obtain just “get on and go.” Those models are rear-drive intended elliptical cross-trainers that are fairly dense with a sleek, modern look and feel. This E1 also provides 20 resistance levels, with included resistance controls situated on the moving handlebars for fast, competent changes.


  • Height: 66-inch
  • Length: 48-inch
  • Width: 30-inch
  • Maximum User Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Weight: 182 lbs.

This Best Fitness E1 Elliptical is a well-intended fitness machine that gives excellent elliptical action and a quiet ride. The Body Solid center drive design and this elliptical machines low center of gravity maintain it firmly in position during the toughest exercises. The center drive plan also enables the machine to be dense, keeping all of the machine’s gears centrally located and in a little footprint.

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Schwinn 840 Treadmill Review

Schwinn 840 TreadmillPrice: $$$
Rating: 3.2
Customer Reviews: 44+

An essential treadmill for home use that will meet the requires of walkers but runners will stomp a mud hole in this treadmill if they try to utilize it frequently. This Schwinn 840 is an entry level model. Unless you can obtain a significant discount, we wouldn’t advise this treadmill. The walking area is an excellent size. The belt measures in at 20″ x 55″, which is a hard 5″ shorter than the normal 20″ x 60″ walking belt that comes on a lot of today’s treadmills. This should still supply plenty of room for larger users to run on contentedly devoid of altering their stride. Speeds of up to 10 mph are achievable, but we don’t recommend utilizing this model for anything other than walking. The arrangement and drive method won’t hold up fine to a running regimen.


  • Cushioned walking/running surface area (20”x55”)
  • Powerful 2.5 horsepower continuous duty motor
  • Max Speed 10 MPH
  • Max Incline 10%
  • 20 workout programs
  • BioConnect® Feedback

Equally the Schwinn 840 and 860 treadmills can be folded to keep space. SoftDrop technology makes this simple for most users. They also approach with wheels for easy transport. Schwinn treadmills approach with built-in water bottle holders, book holders, and fans. Nautilus is it seems that phasing out the Schwinn treadmill line in order to devote additional resources to stationery bicycles and other gear. Furthermore, the Schwinn brand’s Nautilus, owner, Inc., reported important net losses in 2009.

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Sole Fitness F63 Folding Treadmill

Sole Fitness F63 Folding TreadmillPrice: $$$
Rating: 3.4
Customer Reviews: 10+

Sole Fitness is a corporation that sells decent superiority treadmills and ellipticals that are made for them by Dyaco International.  Improvement in the motor and walk area make this one virtually irresistible at the $1,500 price point. Hard model for this year makes Sole tremendously strong at the $1,500 price point. Good parts united with good features make for a superior product. The issue with Sole is in observing to features, Johnson and Icon are starting to make Sole seem like 1970’s equipment. We hope that Sole has a number of improvements in the works over the long pull because though Sole makes a solid unit, competitors contain features that blow Sole away and entrants are putting more and more superiority into their machines.


  • Weight Capacity: 325 Lbs.
  • Footprint: 82 x 35 x 57-inch
  • Belt Size: 20 x 60-inch
  • Weight of Unit 254 Lbs.
  • Folds for easy storage

Sole Fitness F63 Folding Treadmill to your home is a phenomenal step in reaching your long-term fitness goals. Running strengthens and tones your body. It endorses blood flow, improves cardiovascular health, and assists reduce your risk for many health concerns. If your objective is to lose weight, the pounds will come off obviously. You will turn fat into lean muscle, and muscle logically burns additional calories, even at rest.

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Yowza Fitness Sebring Transformer Treadmill with IWM

Yowza Fitness Sebring Transformer Treadmill with IWM Price: $$$
Rating: 4.0
Customer Reviews: 10+

This Yowza Sebring represents a novel class of folding treadmills called Transformers. The Transformer name has a twice meaning. First, although they are very sturdy, Transformer treadmills can be folded to put away space. Second, those treadmills help transform your shape with smart Weight Management (IWM). IWM utilizes a digital scale to intend customized workouts. Yowza’s Transformer treadmills contain the Sebring and the Osprey. Of the two, the Sebring attributed in this treadmill review is more suitable for runners because of its longer track and more commanding motor. The Osprey is finest suited to walkers.


  • Running Area: 20 x 55-inch
  • Top Speed: 12 MPH
  • Folding: Yes
  • Dimensions: 73″ L x 33″ W x 55 H
  • Weight Capacity: 350 LBS

This Sebring’s 3.0 HP continuous duty motor gives ample power for long walks and running speeds up to 11 mph. Yowza is recognized for its ergonomic soothes with nice perks. This unit’s comfort has a cup holder, two heart rate monitoring methods, an MP3 jack and 2 high-fidelity speakers. Trainees can be sure to reside in their aim heart rate zones by utilizing the wireless or hand-grip pulse monitors. With three layers of lamination, the Yowza Sebring deck is intended for a lifetime of almost maintenance-free utilize. Fans definitely help with survival. Other Yowza consoles contain dual fans. It’s odd that they are missing from this model.

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AFG 7.3AT Electric Treadmill

AFG 7.3AT Electric TreadmillPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.6
Customer Reviews: 05+

AFG is one of the treadmill products of Johnson Health Tech company, which also have the big and accepted treadmill brands like Vision and Horizon Fitness which create fitness gear for home and commercial use. AFG brand is used typically for running machine like treadmills, elliptical and work out bikes in the mid-range price kind.  This 7.3AT treadmill from AFG is something we would consider enormous for home gym use. The 3.0 CHP motor presents a steady and consistent flow of power and recital to the tread belt, and the additional hill climbing and exercises programs add additional challenges to your training. There are a number of smart technologies incorporated too, with pulse reading grips and a fascinating computer console to easily navigate through the different training options.


  • Running Area: 20″ x 60″ / 51 x 152 cm
  • Frame Type: Folding
  • Assembled Dimensions: 77 x 35 x 64-inch
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs. / 159 kg
  • Assembled Weight: 260 lbs. / 118 kg

The AFG 7.3AT is fundamentally a higher tier product for home use, appropriate for those not working with a stretched budget and those who want something with a superior, modern design, with some superior training technology built into the console. Certainly a valuable investment if you are wanting something that will get the blood pumping devoid of needing to splash too much cash. Not suggested for those looking to discover something cheap. This will set you back a number of to get your hands on. Though, there is a good amount of excellence to be found within to create it a worthwhile purchase.

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FreeMotion 860 Treadmill

FreeMotion 860 Treadmill Price: $$$
Rating: 3.0
Customer Reviews: 05+

Fitness shouldn’t threaten you, it should motivate you. Each feature on the Free Motion 860 treadmill is intended to provide you with a powerful, relaxed and convenient path to health. The touch screen with built-in Android browser permits you to quickly swipe through exercises stats with the touch of a finger and waves the web as you perform workout. Take your exercises anywhere in the world with iFit equipment. Create a route anywhere in the planet and the 860 treadmill will mechanically adjust the incline and refuse to match the terrain. Incline and decline training permits you to intensify your workout and engage dissimilar muscle groups for a well-balanced exercise.


  • Incline/Decline Range: -3 – 15%
  • Speed Range: 0 – 12
  • Footprint Area: 72.22 x 33.87 x 57.1-inch
  • Weight Capacity: 375 Lbs.
  • Belt Size: 22 x 60-inch
  • Weight of Unit: 284 Lbs.

It is High superiority machine for the price. This is one of the most spirited price ranges in the complete treadmill business and this machine is right near the peak in the heat of the battle. Great option if your budget is limited to $1,500. It is a tremendously solid member of the Free motion lineup. It has outstanding value for the money and a replica that people can regularly utilize without fear of frequent breakdowns. With that said, you also obtain the infamous client service from Icon, which is an irritated bred service combining Comcast level service with an archetypal, big company bad approach.

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There are clearly a number of options to think when buying a treadmill. The purchaser will have to judge the space available, in addition to his or her budget. They will need to choose the type of treadmill that will assist them meet their health goals. For instance, if they are training for a marathon, they should go for an inclined motorized treadmill. Buyers will discover that there is a wide variety of treadmills to be found on eBay, along with diversity of home gym-related trimmings. Let us know if you want to know more about treadmill for home use.

Thank you.

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