Top Rated Treadmill Reviews Under $500 for 2017


Do you know that purchasing a treadmill for home use is one of the most crucial health decisions that you can ever make. Treadmills are highly recommended by physicians for helping people with facilitation like burned calories, improved cardiovascular health, steady blood pressure, weight loss, and many more. As per fitness enthusiastic, they highly recommend of owning treadmills for home mora than any other types of home exercise equipment. Treadmill bikes or elliptical trainers are highly functional, very simple to use, and they can help you big time in managing your overall health problems. However, since the demand of best rated treadmills, or the best treadmills for home are such gigantic, as a buyer, you may get fooled by getting your hand on wrong, or low quality treadmill bike. To make you get out of such issues, we’ve come out today with the best treadmill reviews under your budget. Let’s get started!

Best Treadmill Reviews under $500 for You!

Before, heading towards most affordable treadmill reviews, you need to make some decision of-course with proper knowledge on budget range. We won’t lie, you will hardly find best treadmill brands under $500. But, we’ve been able to prepare a list of best rated treadmills under that price range. But, if you want to be sure about everything and would like to own a long-lasting elliptical trainer, or more specifically, a gym treadmill, then you’re obliged to go for $1500 to $3000 range. Nonetheless, when you’re up to purchase your first buy, and surfing through tons of treadmill reviews, we’d suggest you to check the following $500 list. We believe, you would find your long desired elliptical fitness equipment.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo-Cadence-G-5.9-TreadmillPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.0
Customer Reviews: 2500+

The accepted Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is an outstanding way to get moving in the reassure of your own house. A number of treadmills in this price range don’t contain a lot of features, but Weslo treadmill contains a few crucial ones on this one. To start, this Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill has six programmed exercises focused on weight loss and strength training. This actually takes a lot of guess exercises of trying to find a superior workout. This Weslo elliptical trainer also offers heart rate monitoring so you can determine your strength while exercising.



  • Folding intend for space saving and trouble-free storage
  • Soothe Cell Cushioning to decrease stress on joints and to exploit stride impact absorption
  • Two-point manual incline
  • Speed from 0-10 mph with the 2.25 CHP Mach Z motor
  • Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Heart rate monitoring throughout thumb sensor

Low price is a gorgeous characteristic of the Weslo G 5.9. This treadmill sells for just $399 or less in various places, and it regularly costs less than $299 at Amazon with delivery charge included. Six exercises programs are built into the comfort. These programs were intended by a certified special trainer to take the conjecture out of exercise time assist trainees make the most of every session. Weslo Cadence treadmills are dense. This Cadence G 5.9 has a footprint of only 64.5″ long and 29″ wide. It can be folded to engage in even less room in between exercises; the deck can be moved to an upright position.

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill Price: $$$
Rating: 4.4
Customer Reviews: 74+

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 is a high-end brand original 2017 model treadmill with an influential 2.2 horse power peak DC motor- a premium replica with premium features unlike numerous of the low priced budget Sunny Health & Fitness models- treadmills, bikes and furthers that petition to lower end of the marketplace- low price but still high quality. It approaches with a huge control panel with an LCD panel that calculates 3.5 x 2 inches and that has the standard indicators like calories, distance, speed, time, pulse rate as it expediently includes the sensors on the handles, in addition to the nine incorporated programs for you to effortlessly get into it.



  • 2HP peak DC motor through a 16×49 inch running exterior
  • Trouble-free Folding mechanism
  • Soft drop System to assist you fold and unfold
  • Handrail controls for start, Stop, regulate speeds, and measure Pulse rate
  • 9 built-in consumer programs with 3 modifiable levels of disposing

One of the chief benefits of this Sunny SF-T7603 Treadmill is that it is tremendously trouble-free to put together, according to a lot of users, because most of it is previously pre-assembled, and all the gear you require are included in the box. In addition, there are speed settings from 0.5 to 9 MPH in order that you can walk at slower speeds or run at higher speeds as necessary. Another pleasant feature of this SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill is that in addition to having pulse sensors, it also contains handrail controls on the sides. One of the noticeable disadvantages of this Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill is that it contains a limited weight capability of 220 pounds.

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ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate High Capacity Extra Wide Walking and Jogging Electric Treadmill with Heart Pulse System

ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate High Capacity Extra Wide Walking and Jogging Electric Treadmill with Heart Pulse System Price: $$$
Rating: 4.1
Customer Reviews: 32+

Treadmill Fitness Walking is a high-quality method to burn off additional calories and reach a healthy lifestyle. Walking on the PROGEAR HCXL 4000 is amongst the simplest as well as finest methods to complete a regimen of customary exercise. Unlike outside walking, treadmill fitness walking has the recompense of shock absorption in addition to the simplicity of exercising in front of a TV, in your house or merely listening to your preferred music. You can also obtain as much as a light jog on the HCXL 4000 to essentially burn off those additional calories. This PROGEAR HCXL 4000 has been examined up to 400-pounds user weight capability permitting you walk or jog your advance to fitness at any given age and body mass.


  • Tested up to 400lbs of user weight
  • Comes with extra wide 20-inch treadmill belt
  • 5 Horse Power High Torque Motor exploits “Quiet Drive”
  • Calculate your target heart rate
  • Jog at 4mph for an energetic workout

It provides a luminous array of attributes to the user, but you do not contain to pay a premium cost that, you had classically expected from such a product. It is positively worth the cost if you are thinking or are a unit of an overpriced fitness center afterward. For the charge of the membership of a particular year, you’ll be intelligent to obtain a treadmill that is luminous. That’s fundamentally the best treadmill for home use in USA.

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Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill

Merit Fitness 725T Plus TreadmillPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.0
Customer Reviews: 178+

Among the seven workout programs found on the Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill, you’ll discover weight loss, cardio and endurance challenges, mountain and hill climbs, intervals and manual purposes. Together with the steady monitoring and graphic display, you should contain no problem maintaining your exercises routine and tracking your development. The treadmill also folds up tidily for trouble-free storage when not in use.  Numerous of their products feature several LED displays to better notify the user of development, heart rate, and calories burned. Only throughout heart rate monitoring can one actually track what kind of exercises they are getting, so these utilities are present on almost all of their products. Speed range of 0 to 10 mph with up to 10 percent predispose. If you’re highly interested in treadmill workouts and would like to get along with this one of the best rated treadmills, check the specification below.


  • Dimensions: 32 x 52 x 71-inches
  • Residence treadmill with top-quality 2.25-horsepower drive motor
  • Intuitive comfort controls with modifiable speed from 0 to 10 miles per hour
  • 2-window LED display tracks your speed, distance, calories, time, and more
  • Spacious 18-by-45-inch exercises area with Aero soft cushioning scheme
  • Folding frame for trouble-free storage

Original Merit treadmills can be contained for under $500. Wisconsin-based Johnson Tech is recognized for getting customer service right. Representatives are gracious and substitute parts are delivered punctually. Each Merit model can be folded for storage, and all models are lightweight for trouble-free transport. Merit motors contain as little as 1.25 horsepower. Merit treadmills contain fewer computerized exercises programs than additional economy brands.

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Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric TreadmillPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.2
Customer Reviews: 222+

This Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill is an effectual way to burn additional calories and achieve a vigorous lifestyle. Walking on this Exerpeutic TF1000 is one of the easiest and most effectual ways to attain a regimen of customary exercise. dissimilar outdoor walking, treadmill fitness walking contains the benefits of shock inclusion and the expediency of exercising in your own home, in front of a TV or only listening to your preferred music. Walk to Fitness can assist you lose body fat, tone muscles and is an enormous way to stay in shape. As for assembly, the Exerpeutic TF1000 is practically assembled out of the box. connect the computer and you are prepared to go! So go ahead and aim the Exerpeutic TF1000!


  • Electric walking treadmill through 1.5-horsepower high-torque motor
  • Adaptable speed up to 4 miles per hour in 0.1 mph increments
  • 20-inch-wide treadmill belt; additional-long 18-inch protection handles
  • LCD display monitors distance, calories burned, time, speed, and pulse
  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • Folding structure

This Exerpeutic TF1000 arrives approximately completely assembled. The owner’s chief task is to attach the data monitor to the treadmill border. purchasers report that unboxing and assembly take concerning 30 minutes. Exerpeutic treadmills are the amazingly high capability for their price class. Extensive handrails on this treadmill assist trainees feel safe during exercise. The treadmill has a protection key to defending the user from a moving track if they fall.

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ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.7
Customer Reviews: 15+

This ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill is a little and lightweight fitness engine. The walking region measures 18″ x 50″ and the treadmill weighs regarding 165 pounds. It appeals mainly to people who have limited space, since besides being so small, it can be folded perpendicularly to save floor space. There are 16 exercises modes and a programmed 0 – 10% incline. Older versions of this replica have 2.0 horsepower drives, but the newest version has 2.75 HP. client reviews for the recitals 300 Treadmill have been dismal, and we are not surprised. ProForm makes a number of good products, but this treadmill frequently sells for just $400. That’s enormously cheap – so cheap that it is a warning sign! Normally you require spending $800 or more to get high-quality value and stay away from frustration.


  • Two hand-grip sensors are expediently built into the handlebars
  • Monitor your heart rate and to guarantee intense workouts
  • Space Saver design folds up effortlessly and stores speedily
  • CoolAire exercises fan keeps your workout relaxed
  • iPod or MP3 compatibility
  • Sound system plays throughout two 2” speakers on the built-in sound scheme.

The sixteen treadmill exercises programs were intended by a certified special trainer. Mechanical inclines are frequently reserved for classier treadmills.  Stream your preferred music during exercises! The most fascinating thing you have noticed in this ProForm treadmill reviews, that it includes 2-inch speakers to play MP3s. Heart rate sensors are embraced on the handlebars. These are not as convenient or as precise as wireless monitors.

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B.S 1100W LED Electric Motorized Treadmill Portable Folding Running Gym Fitness Machine

B.S 1100W LED Electric Motorized Treadmill Portable Folding Running Gym Fitness MachinePrice: $$$
Rating: 3.7
Customer Reviews: 15+

Here is a solid and dependable electric treadmill with a silent 500-watt power motor (110V and 60Hz) and supreme size at a reasonable price by H.B.S for enormous cardiovascular workout- jogging, walking or running in the console of your home- it is intended for home utilize, can carry a greatest weight of 250 pounds on its durable steel frame and is not profitable grade for gym utilize. It comes with an ordinary LED-backlit soothe with indicators like calories burned, distance, speed, time and as we cannot observe any heart rate sensor on moreover handle there is no pulse rate monitor and this multi-practical display panel will assist you to track your exercises performance efficiently.


  • Multi-function embedded display to track your development
  • 4″(W) runway for residence for running or walking.
  • The outstanding deck provides good cushioning for ankle, back and knee joints
  • Durable, reliable and loaded with expensive features
  • Assists you walking, jog or run with self-assurance in the comfort of your own time.
  • Low sound motor and emergency stop for your protection.

This is not a lofty impact workout as running frequently can be, since the deck has more than sufficient support for your back, ankle, and knee joints, particularly for when you exercise longer than standard and your muscles will be capable of getting well quicker from your exercises session. This is perfect for those that dislike going to gym frequently or are not eager on running outdoors as of very hot or cold- extreme climate conditions and you can obtain in and settle in shape.

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Final Word Top Rated Treadmill Reviews Under $500 for 2017

Well, which one did you like most? We know that it’s very tough to find a quality treadmill for home use under $500, but we did the best to facilitate you. Because, all those treadmill reviews are carefully handpicked after in-depth considerations regarding the quality, brand reputation, price range, and most importantly, the user’s feedback. Last but not the least, take proper care to your elliptical trainer. Vacuum it regularly. It will last for a long time, for sure.

Thank you.


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